You Can Take Yoga At Home By Signing Up For Glo

If you are like many others, signing up for a yoga class is easier said than done. You know of yoga classes being offered at your local gym, and you want to add yoga and meditation to your lifestyle. However, you may feel nervous about signing up for the classes.

Hurdles That Block Yoga

The following list includes several reasons why you may have avoided trying yoga or meditation at a local gym.

Group Setting: You may feel too embarrassed to try yoga or meditation in front of other people. It is difficult to practice relaxation and mindfulness when you are worried about other people watching you. There is always an option of private lessons, but shyness may keep you from practicing face-to-face with an instructor.

Schedule Conflicts: A busy lifestyle may keep you from taking yoga or meditation classes, especially if the only classes available clash with your current schedule. You do not want to rush to a class just to arrive late, so you have put yoga and meditation classes out of your mind for now.

Expensive Membership: It is no secret that a gym membership can be pricey, and most places require you to sign up before taking their yoga and meditation classes. Signing up for a gym membership is not always easy or possible when you are on a budget. Once again, you have to put the classes out of your mind until you can make it work.

It is a shame to miss out on something you want to do because of embarrassment, scheduling or money. However, you can make it work by taking yoga at home with Glo.

A Comfortable Setting

When you sign up for Glo, you can download and take your classes on any device. All you need to do is sign in and choose your classes, which is great for taking yoga at home. You do not have to worry about taking your classes in a group setting. If you want to take yoga at home without being cooped up inside the house, you can use your mobile device to take your classes on your porch or in your backyard.

Glo also allows you to use your mobile device to take classes outside the home. Imagine taking a yoga class in an empty field or deep in your state park. Once you are comfortable enough to try yoga in front of others, you may decide to take your classes to a local park or beach.

Work Around Your Schedule

Signing up for Glo means you are taking yoga at home on your schedule. You do not have to rush around trying to meet the schedule set by your local gym. Take your classes at a set time every day or when you have a break in your schedule. If your day is jam-packed, you can always take a break and sign in tomorrow.

Fits Your Budget

Glo offers a membership for as low as $18 a month, and you can cancel anytime if you need a break from classes. Start by signing up for a free 15-day trial to give you an idea of what to expect from Glo. Your paid membership starts after your trial ends to give you an easy experience.

Glo is an online platform that allows you to take meditation and yoga at home. Located in Santa Monica, the platform has been available since 2007. Their goal is to help students lead a happy life by encouraging relaxation, mindfulness and self-awareness.

If you would rather take meditation and yoga at home, check out the classes offered by Glo.