Work Protein and Exercise into Your Vegan Lifestyle

Some would say a vegan diet and fitness go hand in hand.  But the truth is, not every person who abstains from eating meat or enjoys the vegan diet is at their optimum level of health.  There are many reasons for this, chronic illness, for example, can be the reason for making the change to a vegan diet, but one must be cautious to follow your doctors orders while doing so.  Eliminating meat from your diet will have many benefits, but you must do so within reason.  The mistreatment of animals is a big reason for opting to switch to the vegan diet.  But that doesn’t automatically mean that person’s eliminating salty and sugary snacks.

Starting and stopping the diet while making the transition to a strictly vegan lifestyle can take weeks and months to achieve.  Many vegans strive to maintain a healthy body weight, toned muscles and exercise regimen, but like anything else, it really requires commitment.  After all, no matter how many veggie wraps you eat, if you don’t get up and move, you’re not going to maximize the benefits of your diet.  Fortunately, there is a fitness center that offers the ideal environment for those looking to make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, and that’s 24 Hour Fitness.  There, you can take advantage of the membership level that suits you and your budget.  And they offer a trial membership when you use the right code from a 24 Hour Fitness coupon.  Just search Groupon, and you’ll find great deals that will help you jumpstart your own routine or encourage a friend to join you if you’re already a member.

Many people think they’ll automatically lose weight once they ditch the meat from their diet.  What they fail to factor is that we all need approximately 0.41 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.  This means you must consume more plant protein than plant-based fat because that will still make you gain weight.  So consuming larger quantities of beans, peas, lentils, almonds, tofu, seitan and quinoa instead of beef, chicken and eggs for protein is key.  There’s no meat in cakes and pies, but no protein either.  We offer lots of recipes and articles geared toward helping those making the change to a vegan diet, so check back often for new information, quick recipes, and tips for staying on your diet during times of stress, travel and illness.

In the meantime, check out all the great offers made by 24 Hour Fitness via the Groupon site, and take advantage of their innovative programs that can be tailored to your needs and goals.  With a family membership, you’ll save even more.  Just be sure to use the Groupon code, which you can do right from your smart phone, and click your way to great savings and better health.

Whether you want cycling classes, weight training, cardio, martial arts or swimming, you’ll find a program that encompasses all that and more.  Get the most out of your vegan diet by adding sufficient exercise to your daily routine.  24 Hour Fitness makes it convenient, and Groupon makes it affordable.