Why you should be growing your own vegetables

Have you always dreamed of growing your own produce but haven’t had the time, or perhaps even the faintest idea of where to start? Perhaps you love cooking and are sick of having to head to the store to source ingredients, or maybe you are tired of spending a fortune on vegetables that go off after just a few days. No matter if you are a budding chef or enjoy experimenting in the kitchen to ensure that you cram a few more veggies into your kids’ food, then you should consider growing your own vegetables. There’s nothing more rewarding than overseeing the entire process of sowing and looking after your own vegetables, from the garden right to your dining table. So get your gardening tools ready and get prepared to plant out your own produce.

Keep costs down

Chances are if you currently buy all your fruit and vegetables at your local health food store, or even the supermarket, you are spending a small fortune on produce to feed your family. Buying herbs and fresh, organic vegetables for your refrigerator will see you weekly food bill prices soar, whereas it only costs a few dollars to buy your own seeds and get busy in your garden. So if you are keen to get your entire family interested in where their food comes from, and are keen to save your cents, then it’s time to start growing your own vegetables from the comfort of your own home. 

No nasties

Plus, growing your own produce means that you have complete control over the pesticides or herbicides – if any – that you use on your home-grown veggies. If you are new to gardening, or keen to get some tips then sites such as igardenplanting.com provide help and advice for novice gardeners. Growing your own produce means that you can even make your own fertilizer too – by using organic kitchen scraps. So, if you are sick and tired of spending a fortune on produce that contains hidden chemicals, then growing your own vegetables provides the perfect solution. 

New recipes

Lastly, the obvious benefit of having your own vegetables in your own backyard is that you can experiment and create with new vegan and vegetarian recipes in your kitchen – to wow and delight your family and friends alike. From stir-fry to lasagne or even curry, it’s up to you to decide what you want to create and which fresh ingredients that you want to add. So if you are keen to get more creative in the kitchen, or lacking inspiration, then growing your own vegetables could be the remedy that you need.

Growing your own vegetables takes less time and effort than you might previously have thought. Plus, the benefits are numerous. Not only does growing your own produce help you to keep costs down, it’s also the ideal way to control and prevent any hidden chemicals being sprayed on your veggies. Finally, having a new selection of vegetables in your backyard can help you to experiment and try new recipes in the kitchen too!