Tuscany villa rentals with chef: The tradition of Tuscan cuisine

Tuscany offers numerous typical dishes that contain both seafood and land products. The taste of these dishes is accompanied by exceptional regional wines with internationally renowned labels. All the Tuscan cities have typical recipes worth trying. If you decide for a Tuscany villa rentals with chef, you will have the possibility to try every single delicious plate. Let’s see the most famous ones.

In Florence

For meat lovers, the famous Florentine steak cannot be missed. Cooking this type of meat, with a thickness of over 4 cm, is almost an art. You need a hot grill and, obviously, the right meat cut. Each side is cooked for around 5 minutes, so that the steak is not overcooked nor bloody.

In Arezzo

Arezzo’s acquacotta is a kind of broth with porcini mushrooms, tomato, a whole egg, and Parmesan. Normally the dish is enriched with a slice of toasted Tuscan bread. There are also other variants without mushrooms and with the addition of vegetables.

In Grosseto

The Maremma is the ideal area to enjoy a course based on wild boar. The most famous dish of Grosseto is definitely the wild boar stew. The secret to soften the meat and make it extremely tasty is to make a marinade with red wine, sage, bay leaves, juniper berries, rosemary, and garlic cloves.

In Livorno

Talking about seafood, the province of Livorno offers the famous Livorno-style cacciucco. The ingredients are octopus, shellfish, squid, scorpion fish, dogfish, tomatoes. This very rich fish soup is very tasty and is accompanied with a slice of toasted bread.

In Lucca

Talking about sweets, you cannot miss the traditional sweet bread, called buccellato. It is made with a soft dough made from flour, butter, sugar, and milk to which raisins and anise seeds are added. The perfume and the taste are inimitable and unique.

In Pisa

Here you can find a unique variant of chickpea based porridge called, in dialect, cecina. The ingredients are few and the procedure is quite simple:

  • Chickpea flour,
  • water,
  • olive oil,
  • salt,
  • pepper

Good Tuscan cuisine means also wellness. Traditional dishes, cooked strictly according to the ancient rules, always include the use of top quality ingredients, both for meat dishes as well as for sea dishes. If you choose a Tuscany villas rentals with chef, this will know for sure the importance of the tradition and of the right ingredients. A good olive oil as a condiment and a glass of Tuscan wine as an accompaniment complete the meal, enhancing the flavours and also contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Tuscany is a region rich in alternatives, also when talking about food. You can find dishes for all preferences. The only advice is to try to respect the seasonality, opting for a preparation based on fresh zero-kilometer and local products. In the hinterland, you can always prefer meat, while on the coast, the fresh fish. Choosing Tuscany villas rentals with chef will ensure, that you will have the opportunity to taste the real Tuscan tradition with high quality products and an excellent service.