Top Tennis Players

Big tennis is one of the most popular sports. Men’s tennis is more dynamic and spectacular. That’s why it becomes quite popular, and its fans watch tournaments and bet online here to determine a winner. They also have their favorite tennis players, and here are the best of them.

Novak Djokovic

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is now in its best shape. Still, he works perfectly on the backline to beat off the most difficult throws.

It seems that Novak has no rivals on the court. He won Federer easily, Nadal can win only on the ground, and young talents are not yet reaching his level. Djokovic has won the 17th Grand Slam title in his career and is gradually getting closer to Federer. He can reach his level soon.

Rafael Nadal

During his career, the Spaniard had a lot of serious injuries, but always returned to the court and quickly got into shape. He has a stunning forehand and a brilliant vision of the site. His main advantages are the ability to fight to the end and wear out the opponent.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a 38 years old Swiss athlete. Yet, he plays even better than 15 years ago. Sometimes it is hard for Roger to increase speed, and it’s harder to win strong opponents like Djokovic and Nadal. He does not hurry to finish his career because of it.

Nobody has such an amazing one-armed backhand, not even Stan Wawrinka. At the same time, he has an excellent ability to handle the ball by the net.

Dominic Thiem

A young rising star of tennis. Tim has already played in lots of finals of Grand Slam tournaments. Tim plays best on the ground, and Rafael Nadal’s achievements may soon become less bright.

Dominic Thiem has an excellent blow to the right with a high bounce, he is good on the backline, and he can see the ground brilliantly. At the same time, he does everything very quickly, which allows him to cause problems to his rivals. There is no doubt that he can grow to be the first racket in the world.