Top Casinos in Europe

Europe is a place of romance, great food and exquisite venues to frequent. One of the most attractive things about Europe is that it is known as one of the top countries that designs everything with finesse, love and adoration. If you are planning a trip overseas, Europe is one of the most adventurous places to visit for high stakes excitement. With that said, check out the top European casinos in to deliver exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Monte Carlo Casino

One of the biggest and best casinos to check out is none other than the Monte Carlo situated in France. This massive casino boasts over 300 table games along with 18 bars and restaurants, making it a gigantic hub of beautifully designed architecture. Apart from this, the Monte Carlo caters for vegan friendly eating as well as banting meals to appeal to all taste presences. The casino first opened its doors way back in 1863, making it a modern attraction as well as a historical landmark. Being one of the best European casinos from our selection, we recommend that the Monte Carlo casino is a must see on any given day.

Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

The Casino di Campione in Italy is the biggest casino in all of Europe. The land-based mega structure offers over 500 table and slots games nestled within beautifully designed walls and furniture. The casino was built in 1917 for political purposes, so the history that wraps itself around the building adds to the appeal of visiting the largest casino in all of Europe.

Resorts World, Birmingham, UK

Another spectacular creation is Resorts World which has been designed with over 200 table and slots games and up to 18 restaurants to choose from. The entire building took two years to complete and finally opened their doors in 2015. Resorts World is considered the largest casino in the UK, boasting a number of shops, spas, salons, restaurants, a dedicated cinema and hotel accommodation with a 4 star rating.

The Casino at the Empire, London, UK

London boasts a whole host of impressive establishments and one that truly catches our attention is the Empire Casino. Although the casino only offers visitors a variety of over 150 table games and slot games, it is known as the biggest casino operating name in the industry with backing of Caesars Entertainment.

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