Tips for Biking the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is an unforgettable experience on a bike. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or looking for a fun day trip, gear up for a trip full of fellow bikers, sunshine and picturesque views of the ocean. Here are some important tips when planning, including traffic considerations, the best season and great women’s and men’s bike options. Learn how you can get the most out a trip down this iconic stretch of road.

Be Cautious of Traffic

Unlike other popular biking routes, the Pacific Coast Highway doesn’t have a dedicated bike lane. This means that your women’s beach cruiser bike or men’s street bike will have to cruise along the shoulder of the highway. Thankfully, there are plenty of other riders on the road. Drivers are used to sharing this scenic drive with cyclists.

Be sure you have the right safety gear to stay visible throughout your ride. If you have to ride at night, use reflectors and lights for additional safety. Ride behind or in front of other riders to prevent taking up a large part of the road.

Get to Know Other Cyclists

Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway is a year-round adventure chosen by many expert and amateur riders. Whether you’re camping, staying at hotels or just going for day trips outside your city, look for other cyclists. Part of the fun of this highway route is the community. Swap riding stories and other memories with fellow riders wherever you ride.

Riding with a group is an excellent way to build relationships on the road. Thankfully, this popular route offers many opportunities to get to know other travelers. Look for camping spots along the way to find diehard riders who are going the full distance, or enjoy comfortable day trips with friends as you explore the popular cities along the route.

The Pacific Coast Highway is packed with historical sites, lighthouses, beautiful beaches and impressive wildlife. Even a solo ride is packed with enough excitement to keep you going day after day. While you can certainly blaze down the highway to gain more miles, this stretch of road is perfect for short, leisurely rides between memorable stops.

Consider the Season

The Pacific Coast Highway is best traveled in the spring or fall. While summer weather is also comfortable, the sheer amount of highway traffic makes it less enjoyable than a trip in the shoulder seasons. Winter winds off the ocean can make for a chilly ride, so it’s best to go before the temperature cools down too much.

Regardless of the season you choose, it’s important to pack appropriately. Expect some rain, wind and warm sunshine whenever you go. Prepare for any weather condition and enjoy a relaxing trip.

Choose the Right Bike

Whether you’re traveling a few miles or navigating the entire stretch of highway, you need a good bicycle. Shop for a reliable hybrid bike, beach cruiser for sale or other bicycle for your adventure. Read reviews and discuss your trip with experienced riders to find the key features you need in a good bike.