The Top Three Vegan and Veggie Friendly Places On The US West Coast


If you have been considering heading to the American west coast but you’re looking for places that are fantastic for vegetarians and vegans, then look no further than this quick guide featuring the top three places on the west coast that are perfect for travellers that have specific lifestyle tastes.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon and Oregon in general is a great place for people who are vegetarian or vegan as many of the towns and cities cater to those who have specific lifestyle preferences. Portland alone is rated as one of the most vegan and veggie friendly places in the United States, with a whole host of options available for people who walk the veggie and animal friendly path. The top places in the city include the Homegrown Smoker BBQ – all vegan barbecue joint along with Vtopia Cheese Shop and Deli which work with each other to help promote veganism and help vegan products remain highly accessible to the growing and evolving vegan population of Portland. Blossoming Lotus is particularly popular as it’s more upscale but affordable, offering a bar interior and some outdoor seating, which is perfect for those who love catching some of the Portland sun. Ideal for people with awesome shades they want to show off, such as those by Tom Ford glasses!

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is taking vegan friendly shops and food to the next level by featuring a great unisex vegan friendly boutique offering amazing animal-free clothing and shoes! Drizzle + Shine is a great place for vegans looking for something truly unique and eye-catching in terms of apparel that has been ethically sourced and is animal by-product free. Not only do they have an all vegan clothing boutique, but Seattle boasts some of the coolest and hippest joints for those who follow the vegan and veggie path – if you’re in the area check out their new eatery Verjus which focuses on the vegan inspired and vegan friendly cuisine as well as their all-vegan ice cream cafe Seattle Cookie Counter. If you’re looking for a vegan friendly bar as well that can mix up your favourite cocktails without milk, check out the No Bones Beach Club for the perfect cocktails.

San Francisco, California

This is perhaps one of the vegan friendly places on the west coast. It plays host to literally dozens of great spots for vegetarians and vegans alike. For those in the area that are looking for a great casual dining experience, Millennium is vegan-friendly and provides a great dining atmosphere that is a bit on the fancier side. For families, the restaurant Herbivore is a great place and they have a couple of different locations along with a menu that is ideal for almost everyone, so it’s a winner every time. For people out and about wandering the streets and sightseeing though, the go to place for a quick vegan meal on the go is the Loving Hut, with a number of locations serving the city you can’t go wrong.

So there you have the top three places on the west coast for veggies and vegans that won’t cost the earth and provide great atmospheres for all vegans all the time. So come check out the west coast of the states and be delighted at every turn just how vegetarian and vegan friendly the region is. It will keep you coming back for more!