Must See Sights In Australia

Australia attracts a massive amount of tourism each year as million of people flock to the country to enjoy a wide range of activities in the sun. Australia is a widely diverse country where the majority of the population, and too the attractions, can be found on the outskirts of the country such is the searing heat in the center.

Many people who go to Australia will do so for a tour, trying to take in as many sights as they can before making the long journey back home. If you are planning a trip ‘down under’ this year then here are some of the sights which you simply have to see before you leave.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is known by the aborigine tribe is a huge formation of sandstone rocks in the middle of Australia’s northern territory. Close to the town of Alice Springs, these rocks are gigantic in size and for many years have been considered sacred by the local aborigine tribes. During your trip to Australia you simply have to take in the breathtaking wonder of this incredible display of nature.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef sits just off the coast of Cairns and is the single biggest reef in the World. This collection of 2,900 corals has amazed scientists for years as a result of its elaborate eco-systems and its marine and coral life and you can enjoy it best by grabbing a snorkel and some flippers, and heading down to see the intricate coral for yourself. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and it is so vast that it can be seen from the naked eye from space.

Sydney Harbor

One of the most iconic images that you are likely to see of Australia is of the incredible Sydney Harbor. This area of Sydney features the art-deco designed opera house and of course, the huge Sydney Harbor bridge. The harbor offers beautiful views of the city and plenty of seafood restaurants and trendy bars, as well as a well designed promenade. The main attraction in the harbor is by far and away the bridge and if you are made of the right stuff then you can actually scale it. Pay at the bottom and then strap on a harness and walk up to the top of the bridge for the best views of the harbor that there are.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are an incredible sight, this mountain range in New South Wales sits on the coast of the Ocean and is sandwiched by two huge rivers. A trip to the Blue Mountains will give you the chance to explore the expansive region and take part in a wide range of activities from kayaking, walking, climbing, zip-lining, caving and cycling and for those who love an adventure holiday, the Blue Mountains is the place to go. For those who love nature, you will find a wide range of wildlife here as well as some of the most amazing geological formations in the whole country, definitely a must-see on a trip to Oz.