Medical Marijuana and Its Newfound Effect on Brain Cancer

If you’re familiar with marijuana, you know that researchers suggest it has a number of applications related to human health. Today, researchers are looking into medical marijuana and its usefulness in treating cancer, including brain cancer. We find that many people search for “weed delivery near me” because they’re looking for a mild and gentle form of treatment for cancer. If you or someone you know wants to learn more about using marijuana as a cancer treatment, there are growing numbers of studies that show positive links between marijuana and cancer treatment.

Marijuana May Shrink Aggressive Forms of Brain Cancer

Scientists have recently been studying marijuana, specifically as it is used with other types of cancer treatments, to find out if it may be effective in treating the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. They have found that it could offer positive results for those with glioma, a type of cancer that shows up in the brain’s supportive tissue. This tissue is supposed to enhance the function of neurons, but when a tumor grows in it, an affected individual can experience vision changes, headaches, nausea, and altered behavior.

To learn more about the medical evidence backing medical marijuana as a positive cancer treatment, check out the Medical Conditions>Cancer section on the THC Physicians website. The research shows that medical cannabis can be used as a treatment for cancer symptoms as well as a treatment for the side effects of cancer therapies.

THC and CBD to Treat Glioma

Research shows that people with glioma have just a 5% survival rate over the course of 3 years. Until recently, there haven’t been many options for glioma treatment. Chemotherapy and surgery were used as treatment for high-grade tumors, but these options were about it. Today, scientists wonder whether THC and CBD can destroy glioma cells. In a 2014 study performed by St. George’s University of London oncologist Wai Lu, evidence seems to show that THC and CBD used in conjunction with radiotherapy could kill almost half of glioma cells in affected mice.

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