Lowell Farms Café Is The Spot To Enjoy A Pre Roll


All across the country people are eagerly pushing to legalize recreational marijuana use. Many states, including California, have legalized it for both medicinal and recreational use. This groundbreaking development has left room for many different business prospects, including recreational marijuana cafes. These types of cafes are incredibly popular all over Europe, and are now set to become the next big thing in the United States. Naturally, influential individuals are jumping at the opportunity to invest in such a promising venture. On September 28, 2019, the Lowell Farms Cafe will open to the public, marking a milestone because it will be the first of its kind in the United States.

Lowell Farms Has A Unique And Creative Business Model

Lowell Farms is the leading retail brand of cannabis products currently and is famous for their pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes. They are already branching out to include other incredible opportunities like the new Lowell Farms Cafe in Los Angeles.  The cafe is actually broken into two different businesses because of unusual laws regarding food service preparation guidelines. The cannabis infused edibles and regular cafe food must be prepared in two different kitchens. The building is actually divided into 3 areas, and one area is a public access cafe serving food and non-alcoholic beverages, a second section is an indoor lounge serving edibles where cannabis can also be smoked and vaping is also welcome. The third, an outdoor garden, allows food from the cafe and edibles to be served and is also a cannabis smoking and vaping area.

Some of the celebrity investors backing this exciting new cafe are Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Mark Robson, and Sarah Silverman. The company issues a public statement welcoming the investors to this exciting new business and looks forward to making leaps and bounds in the effort to end marijuana prohibition.

A Focus On Gourmet, Organic Food

All of the excitement about legally consuming marijuana edibles in a brand new cafe located in one of the trendiest towns in the world will throw plenty of the focus on the head chef, Andrea Drummer. She has gained fame in recent years for her appearance in Kitchen Toke’s first issue in 2017, as well as a guest appearance on the Netflix series called Cooking on High. She is an expert in a variety of areas ranging from infused main courses to infused cocktails. The Lowell Farms Cafe will use farm fresh organic ingredients to provide guests with delicious menu items that every guest can enjoy and the atmosphere combined with the culinary treats will provide for an unforgettable experience.

 Lowell Farms Is Dedicated To Growing Organic Cannabis

Cannabis users don’t have to worry about chemicals and pesticides being used in or on Lowell Farms products. Whether it’s pre-rolled cannabis or even infused foods, all of the cannabis products are grown strictly organically. The most popular product in the lineup, the Lowell rolled cannabis cone, consist of rolled organic flowers which are hand rolled. Each pack contains 1/8 oz of legal California cannabis. In addition, they also offer cold pressed cannabis oil used for vaping. Some other products the company offers inclue cold pressed pax pods, disposable vapes, pre-packaged buds, and a wide variety of pre rolls marijuana strains.

The Lowell Farms Cafe is already booked solid for their grand opening and they anticipate a high volume of patrons in the coming months. Anyone who plans to visit L.A., or who lives in the area and wants to experience a truly unique cafe is encouraged to make reservations.