Legal Claim For Injury Caused by Faulty Products

We are surrounded by appliances that can turn hazardous in seconds, causing a great deal of danger to life and property. Even in our homes’ comfort, we are prone to mishaps because of faulty products that can cause serious injuries. Each year in the United States, numerous cases of kitchen burns caused by a faulty product are reported.

Despite the strict vigilance of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these mishaps continue to occur. Pressure cookers and other cooking appliances commonly cause these accidents.

It is inevitable to predict when an appliance built to make our life easy can turn into a life taking machine. These appliances should be tried and tested rigorously before sending out to the market. Once in the market, these products cannot be tested and cause life-threatening injuries, and final responsibility will fall upon the manufacturer.

Burn Injuries Due To Faulty Product

The most common type of injury that is caused by faulty products are burn injuries. Burn injuries are classified into three categories:

First-degree burn: Outer layer of the skin Injured.

Second-degree burn: When a burn penetrates the first and second layers of the skin, it is classified as a second-degree burn.

Third-degree burn: This the most painful category as the burn penetrates all the layers of the skin and destroys nerve endings.

Severity of Damage

The damage caused by a first-degree burn can leave permanent scars while a third-degree burn will leave permanent scarring that will require skin grafting. In severe cases, the victim’s muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and the respiratory system can also be damaged. The ability to regulate body temperature is also damaged by burns causing other health complications. In the case of kitchen burns caused by a faulty product, the victim can initiate a product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer.

Product Liability Lawsuit

In a product liability lawsuit, the manufacturer will be held accountable for negligence and breach of warranty. The types of defects that cause an accident include:

Manufacturing Defect

If the product is released from a factory being diverged from the original design, it is considered a manufacturing defect. When a diverged product enters the market, it is already in a dangerous condition putting the customer at risk.

Defective Design

When the original design of a product is not practical and not adhering to the ‘Risk-benefit’ Ratio, then it falls under defective design. A defective design is highly dangerous as it can make a product a ticking bomb that can go off any time.

Inadequate Instructions or Warning

It is necessary to provide all the relevant instructions for use and warnings with all consumer products. If a mishap occurs due to the lack of proper information regarding the product, then the manufacturer is at fault.


Cases of misinterpretation takes into account the warranty claims made by the manufacturer. If the product causes a mishap within the warranty period, then the manufacturer is found guilty.

A lawsuit for kitchen burns caused by a faulty product usually takes all of the above causes.

Seeking Legal Advice

If you or any of your loved ones have been a part of an accident caused by faulty kitchen products, you can take counsel with a legal practitioner and demand compensation for your injuries. While any amount of compensation cannot substitute severe damage to the body, the compensation amount can make life easier for the victim.

On the other hand, the party responsible for the mishap will have to suffer a dent in the reputation. It can give a serious message to all home appliance manufacturers to be highly careful with their design and manufacturing practices.

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