How to Visit the Most Romantic Spots in Singapore

Be it for a romantic holiday date or for a honeymoon, Singapore never disappoints, thanks to its many attractive places and activities to enjoy. Have you ever considered it for a romantic getaway? You should, as the island city is a true marvel with many natural and manmade features to enjoy. There are tons of luxurious hotels, amazing gardens, and places to catch great views, like atop the Singapore Flyer and the rooftop bars and restaurants. It will give you that perfect alone time with your partner and rekindle your love, or take it a notch higher.

Looking for some romantic spots in Singapore? Here are some ways you can visit them:

Take a cruise on the Singapore River

What could be more memorable than a romantic ride on the Singapore River in the company of your love? Experience the bumboat ride that is a part of the great heritage and rich culture of the island city. You can have a whole hour of escape from the hustle and bustle while riding in a boat, and you will get to see some of the major tourist attractions in the country. And the best part is that you get to choose between doing the electric bumboat ride during the day or at night. Pick the best for you and your partner and leave no doubt to them about your love.

Have a birdwatching session at Corney Island

In the early morning hours, Corney Island is the place to go and watch tons of birds species. You can be sure to see birds like parakeets, Baya weavers, and Oriental magpies, among many others. Make the exercise more fun and memorable by trying to identify the various birds from their singing and chirping. Move arm-in-arm through the mangrove forests, grassland, coastal forests, and other vegetation. As you plan your vacation in Singapore to visit Corney Island and other amazing places, you do not have to worry about your visa, and instead visit Visa Express website for a hassle-free process.

Enjoy great views as you ride the Singapore Cable Car

Do you yearn for a moment when your partner can squeeze you a bit tighter or you can put your arms around them? Well, then go for a ride high above the ground on a Singapore Cable Car. You can get away with pretending you are afraid of heights and having your partner hold you tighter as you go up Mount Faber. Also, you will be able to see the beautiful views of the Sentosa Island resort from up in the air.

Enjoy a picnic tour at the Gardens by the Bay

At the Gardens by the Bay, you can find a perfect place to hang out as you enjoy the sun and a flower-scented breeze. You can enjoy a great evening in the gardens’ calm environment as you lay on picnic mats while exchanging some sweet-nothings. Also, you can savor some mouthwatering dishes in one of the restaurants in the garden. Your evening will not be complete without seeing some beautiful exotic and native flowers, and to wrap it up, catch sight of the amazing sunset.


No matter where you choose to visit and what you choose to engage in, a vacation with your partner in Singapore will be memorable and fulfilling, most of all because you will be in the company of the one you treasure and love most. So, opt for what will make it the best and most memorable.