Glo Provides a Range of Pilates Online Classes

Taking a Pilates class for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you go into a studio. However, if you have been holding back from trying a class, it’s time to sign up for one. If you want an affordable price, Glo provides pilates online with all levels of Pilates workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

A 2016 study revealed that taking Pilates classes for two months can improve balance, flexibility, and abdominal endurance. It has seen a huge increase in popularity in the past few years. If you want to know why people love it, here’s what a newbie needs to know about taking Pilates classes online.

What is Pilates?

The famous form of exercise is designed to strengthen muscles with low impact, concurrently improving flexibility and posture. The movements and exercises focus on strengthening the core, though it is a whole-body workout. It can be done with or without equipment and if you are doing it online, you will not need any equipment to get the results. Online Pilates is focused on precise movements done slowly while controlling your breath.

Pilates focuses on helping your body by strengthening and stabilizing the core, allowing you to move more efficiently while also increasing your mobility and flexibility. The classes last between 45 minutes to one hour.

What are the different kinds of Pilates classes?

There are two main kinds of Pilates classes, namely the reformer classes and the mat classes. The mat is thicker than a typical yoga mat and the machines are called reformers. These have a sliding platform that contains pulleys and springs to provide greater resistance.

Most of the online classes are mat classes, though they both focus particularly on control. Teachers don’t want you doing endless reps or exhausting your muscles. Instead, it is about using your muscles to lift against gravity with the goal of strengthening and isolating specific muscles in the core.

How sore will you be?

You might not be doing HIIT or lifting heavy weights, but Pilates classes can be pretty intense. The core-focused moves involve constant movement that makes the ab muscles burn. However, with Pilates online classes, you can control your intensity. It is important to practice good form throughout the exercise. Dedicating your complete focus to the movements will help you achieve results quicker.

Even the veterans experience muscle soreness. It might be very intense the first week as your body gets used to the movements, but it is a sign that you are challenging your body in new ways.

What muscle groups does Pilates strengthen?

Though it is focused on your trunk and core, Pilates is for more than just your abs. It was created to strengthen the inner and outer thighs, the back, the hips, and the abdominals, turning Pilates into a whole body workout.

What should you wear?

You will want to ditch your loose sweats and t-shirts for the Pilates class. Leggings and capris work great with a tank top or long-sleeved shirt that’s fitted. You can either wear socks or go barefoot for your Pilates online class. In the comfort of your own home, you can choose whatever footwear you prefer.

Glo Provides Pilates Online Classes

Glo was designed to empower people to improve their minds and their bodies, allowing people to take a huge range of workout classes online. There is a huge range of mat workouts from cardio fusion classes that make you sweat and the Classical Pilates classes. There are some that allow you to use props like the Pilates magic circle, band or ball.