Gap Year Grants and Scholarships to Consider Applying For this Year

Education forms a critical aspect of any society, and the existence of the services that can help explain how to write dissertation abstract among other academic sites allude to this fact. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find organizations worldwide over recognizing the importance of education and the value of individuals taking some time off to participate in specific gap year programs or arrange for their travel experiences.

However, the most amazing thing encompasses the fact that as the demand for experiential travel-related gap year increases, the funding for these activities also increases. The implication, therefore, entails plenty of available grants and scholarships that specifically target gap years. You can also find the same funding sources catering for studying abroad, volunteering overseas, and enabling critical language education.

So what gap year grants and scholarships exist that you can consider applying for this year?

Gap Year Grants and Scholarships for Your Consideration

  • USA Gap Year Fairs Student Ambassador Scholarship. The scholarship got established to recognize students in the US who demonstrate outstanding determination and motivation to hunt for the gap year experience. The scholarship caters to the gap year program costs. It awards $10000 with the stipulation requiring you to take the gap year from May 2021to May 2022.
  • Rustic Pathways Scholarships. Rustic Pathway’s scholarship covers the entire program costs and combines need with merit in determining worthy candidates. It awards upwards of $40000 for the gap year and requires you to be at least seventeen years old from the moment it takes off.
  • EF Gap Year Awards. It comes with about $10000 for learners undertaking their semester programs and in their respective gap year. You can get scholarships for videography, blogging, leadership, and photography. It requires a mandatory EF program enrollment.
  • Travel Access Project Gap Year Grants. The grant from Travel Access come worth $3000 each and cover any gap year type. The project issues a total of ten grants, with the applications proving open from 15thJanuary to 19th February every year. It comes open to any individual over 18 years old, regardless of your country of origin.
  • Carpe Diem Education Scholarships. It awards an annual amount of about $30000 to support inclusion and diversity in its various programs. A $50000 Access Scholarship caters for your gap year and a $2000 for your gap year semester. Most of the grants come on a need-basis, and applications open for everyone eligible for FP grant and accepted into the CD program.
  • InterExchange Christianson Grant. The grant helps in funding meaningful service-based projects across the globe. It grants US citizens awards and proves 18-28 years of age and who make independently-arranged overseas service trips for more than six months. It comes in a three-grant-cycle, and each comes worth $10000 every year.


Plenty of gap year grants and scholarships exist that you can apply for this year. However, if you had no idea about the specifics, start by considering the mentioned. Later on, you can research extra gap year funding opportunities. Who knows, you might become lucky in your application and secure a mouthwatering grant or scholarship.