Family friendly places to visit in Italy

Italy often seems as though it is ready-made for couples and romantic getaways but there is much more to this incredible country than this. Family holidays in Europe usually comprise of a Spanish or Greek getaway but families with young children can find great value in a summer holiday to many of Italy’s regions. Today we are going to take a look at some of the places in Italy which you can visit with the kids to give them a holiday of wonder, learning, fun and of course, sunshine. Let’s take a look at some of the places that you could consider in Italy for you summer holiday this year.


Despite being renowned for couples, Venice can be a great place to bring the kids, they will love the water system and taking a trip out on a gondola. Venice is like a natural theme park for kids and they will love exploring the mazy streets and there are plenty of hotels and museums that are incredibly child friendly. You kids are unlikely to buddy up by the pool or in the kids club in Venice but they will be treated to a beautiful, fun and informative holiday.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers one of the best beach holidays in Europe and there is so much to do here for both kids and parents. Kids will be able to explore and let their imaginations run wild in the old town of Pompeii, have fun in the beach and sunshine in Capri and can even find great value searching through the archaeological sites, which kid doesn’t want to be an explorer! There are some charming beaches along the coast which kids will love and even the fussiest of eaters will find some beautiful Italian food to enjoy.


Probably best for a short stay with the kids rather than a long holiday, Rome offers kids an exciting city stay which will peak their interest and enable them to see the heart of the once-dominant Roman Empire. The best thing to do in Rome with the kids is to jump on the hop-on, hop-off tour bus where they can see all of the old sights like the Colosseum where they can even re-enact a gladiatorial battle. Keep the kids interested with the lure of some of the finest ice cream in the World, an offer that they cannot refuse.


Often considered a destination for the older generation thanks to its tranquil and spacious nature, Tuscany is actually a great place for you to take the kids on holiday. There are many private villas with pools which you could rent with the kids and spend some good quality, family time together. Parents will love this type of holiday as they can spend their days with the kids and then once bed time comes, they can spend the evening enjoying some local wine and some delicious, rustic Italian food. Tuscany offers families the perfect getaway and you should consider it for this year’s Italian trip.