How To Enjoy Israel on a Budget

Many people may not consider Israel as they first choice when it comes to travel, this is much to do with the struggles and conflict that the country has faced throughout its was with the people of Palestine. Despite the conflicting ideologies and trouble that this has caused, one should not be dissuaded from visiting the incredibly interesting and historic land.

Israel is great for many different types of travelers and is very popular amongst us backpackers, for me particularly I loved it as not only was the country way more than what I had previously envisaged, the food was great and very vegan friendly. As with most backpackers however, I was living on a budget of $20 per day and despite my tight budget, I found living in traveling Israel to be pretty easy when it came to cost. Here is how you can enjoy the best of Israel, even on a budget.


Public busses in Israel are great, clean, reliable and frequent, even better… cheap, these are a far better way of getting around than using taxis and if you need to get about then this is the way to do it.


There is a lot of couch surfing and Airbnb locations throughout Israel which gives you the chance to have budget accommodation. Because the country is so popular amongst backpackers, there are also a great deal of hostels available, some for around $10 per night in the bigger cities.

Drinking and Partying

Big cities like Tel Aviv offer an awesome nightlife but if you are planning on ding Israel on a budget then you will have to shun these party nights in favor of a bottle of wine back at the hostel. Drink prices here are almost the same as the likes of New York and London and that budget will disappear in a single night if you decide to head out.


The street food in Israel is very cheap and ridiculously tasty, vegans and veggies will adore the markets where you can pick up a falafel wrap with oceans of vegetables for around $3. With hummus, beans and flatbreads a plenty some of the finest food that I have ever tasted was bought in the local Shuks, or markets and cost me next to nothing.

Get Out of the City

If you want to stick to a tight budget then explore more of Israel than just the cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are costly cities and they will suck up a lot of your funds. If you want to save cash and explore more of Israeli culture then you should try and head to the North and the South of Israel. In these regions you will find much more culture and far lower prices.

These are just a few great tips on how you can enjoy Israel on a budget, it is worth noting that you can look for lots of great opportunities to volunteer throughout Israel, including Kibbutz volunteering, small communities which give you bed and board for you work ethic.