Biking around Las Vegas

As Vegas is known for its lights, gambling, and world class entertainment. Many tourists opt to either hoof it through the city or rely on public transportation when going around Las Vegas. However, those of you that enjoy biking can easily tour the major areas of the city.

A majority of the major casinos in Las Vegas can be visited by taking a ride down Las Vegas Blvd, also known as the Vegas Strip. All of the major casinos like the Bellagio, Wynn, and Caesars Palace are easily accessible on the strip. If you have any interest in the history of Vegas or exploring the downtown casinos, you can continue on Las Vegas Blvd and ride downtown where it intersects with Fremont Street.

Many of the downtown Vegas casinos can be found on Fremont Street. The Fremont Street Experience is a must see for all Vegas tourists as well as the street vendors and bands that frequent downtown. The great thing about traveling the Vegas Strip via bike is that you can avoid some of the monster congestion that will take place during day and evening on the strip. Bikers can keep moving right along while most drivers spend a half hour to an hour just trying to move a couple miles.

For those of you that want to see something more than casinos, you will want to take a trip over to Red Rock Canyon and bike the Red Rock Loop. The Red Rock Loop is a 1 mile scenic loop that allows riders to see the geological history of the area. The area is very quiet and tranquil and a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. You can also escape the hustle and bustle by choosing to gamble online instead at casino sites like This would also allow you to save some energy for biking and other activies while you’re there.

Las Vegas is an awesome city to behold and is a great local to tour by bike. If biking in Vegas during the summer, be sure to bring plenty of water as temperatures average around 110 degrees daily. For more tips on places to bike, do a Google search for Las Vegas biking and stay safe on the roads.