Best Vegan Restaurants Worldwide

As a vegan, it is understandable that you would like to dine somewhere you know for sure, isn’t using any kind of animal products. One important thing to know is that vegetarian restaurants won’t always offer vegan dishes. And, while it might be easier to find good vegetarian restaurants all across the globe, it might get harder to find vegan ones. Therefore, we’ve rounded up some of the best worldwide vegan restaurants! Pack your bags and never let your stomach grumble again!

Candle 79, New York

Candle 79 is New York’s fine vegan dining place! Located in a cosy bi-level townhouse on the East 79th street in the midst of the Upper East Side, the menu is elaborative and tasteful. You can expect to see well-heeled brownstone travellers savouring gorgeous foods from porcini- seared seitan to guacamole timbale, and from Moroccan spiced chickpea cake to dairy-free ice cream. You can already feel the aroma of delicious dishes at Ted Bingo and it’s all on the reels of Kitchen Run Slot! Please your eyes with the sight of juicy food items and get a glimpse of these delightful munches! You can wander on the site for other food themed slots which will make your stomach happy! There is also a great collection of organic wines to align perfectly with the grand menu. The setting of the diner – oxblood walls and low-lit tables – makes it a good spot for a no-meat first date!

Terre a Terre, Brighton

Nothing compares to Terre a Terre for haute cuisine with the most relaxed vibes. Located near the seaside, this bright and coloured restaurant has been most popular amongst Brightonians for over 20 years. It offers finesse diner and serves top vegan dishes. The menu is massive and offers tapas-style sharing plates- you have a wide variety to choose from. One of the best dishes you can try is the blistered padron peppers with Chinese watercress. Otherwise, the cheese and pickle gnocchi is awesome as well. The menu proposes much more than tofu and butternut! You better book a table beforehand as this eatery gets crowded!

Gentle Gourmet, Paris

We all know that the french are all nose and tail eaters, but slowly, they are shifting to vegan and vegetarian dishes as well. Gentle Gourmet opened in 2009 in the heart of Paris, and offers plant-based and meat-free dishes. The menu is changed every three months, according to the seasons to offer environment friendly and flavourful food items. Its sole aim is to offer high quality meat free dishes just like any other classic eateries of the city. You might want to add it on your next travelling adventure to eat like a king!

These are just a few of the vegan restaurants of the world. You can even try other top eateries like The Springs (Los Angeles), Acorn (Vancouver), Plant (Cape Town), Nanuchka (Tel Aviv) and Suruchi (New Delhi)! Travel and discover top vegan foods across the globe!