Best Cities in Asia For Shopaholics

One of the best ways in which you can travel is if you combine your trip with doing something that you love. Wine lovers can head down to South America to sample their favorite vino and explore a new part of the World, surfers can head to Hawaii or to the shores of Australia to get their kicks and for those who love to shop, there is nowhere like Asia. Not only is Asia an amazing continent to visit and explore, it also offers shopaholics some of the finest cities where you can get your retail thrills. Let’s take a look then at which are the best cities in Asia for you to go crazy with the credit card.

Hong Kong

Known the world over as a shoppers paradise, there is literally nothing that you cannot buy in Hong Kong. the streets are filled with trendy boutique stores, old Chinese factory-style shops and there are markets on almost every street corner selling local wares and handmade crafts. Whether you are after clothing, electronics, fabrics or entertainment, Hong Kong has got you covered.


Shanghai is fast becoming one of the fashion hotspots of Asia and its long shopping hours and international style that it has on offer are perfect for the vaction-shopper. Shanghai is a hive of excitement too when it comes to technology and many new tech companies will showcase their latest products in the stores of Shanghai.


Beijing may not be the best place for fashion shopping but for antique buying and homeware, it is unparalleled. Similar to Shanghai, the shopping hours are long with stores saying open until 10 or 11 at night. There is lots of art available in the stores of Beijing and the prices here are incredible. You may have to pay some cash to have your goods sent back home but even with this expense it will be more than worth it.


The varying cultural influences on Singapore make it a great place to visit and more importantly, a fantastic place to go shopping. The best kind of products to buy in Singapore are trinkets and small objects which look great in the home. There is also a wide variety of jewelry shops which sell objects that you are unlikely to have seen before, very artisan and very unique, bring an extra suitcase!


If you love to shop in markets then Bangkok is the place for you and your money is sure to go very far in this exciting Asian city. There are markets everywhere you look as well as speciality night markets which take place each day. With dawn ’til dusk shopping and a vast array of everything and anything, you can’t help but go crazy in the Bangkok markets and come home with an extra bag that is packed with goodies. The Thai capital also offers tourists who love to shop plenty of fashion malls that have some incredible prices so you won’t have to look to far to snag yourself some great bargains.