A Painting for the Soul

The moments that have helped shape and mould our life have taken place a plenty, and will continue to come in abundance throughout our life.

What is important is that we become constantly aware and appreciate such moments in our life!

A custom portrait or a portrait painting can be the perfect memoir for all the times that we yearn to relive and re create.

It can be that healthy concoction of nostalgia and creativity that we so ardently need and desire at times.

A portrait painting that can actually touch the soul? Doesn’t it sound like some sort of a fairy tale?

Well what if I tell you it is true.

There is nothing magical about it but it can be really wonderful if you give it the chance.

Get a huge size custom portrait as a tribute and watch as everybody who lay eyes on it are absolutely baffled at its sheer elegance and glory.

Art has this wonderful ability to touch the heart and an authentic and wonderfully created portrait painting can do just that.

It can be a means to bridge the differences that so often tear us apart.

Art is also a great way to stimulate and keep your brain cells sharp and active.

It is indeed a great exercise for the brain.

During olden times a painting or art was only limited to either members of royalty or the social elite class. Such is not the case now where anyone and everyone can divulge in its ever appealing beauty.

Thus a portrait painting can also make you feel like a king or landlord of the ages that have gone by.

With a wide array of features and mediums such as charcoal portrait, oil portrait and others to choose from PortraitFlip is certainly a go to destination for all your artistic wants.

All that you need to do is provide them with a good photo and watch as your picture turns to paint and creates about a sense of astonishment and awe amongst you.

A really great portrait painting appeals not only to the eye but also to the heart.

There must be quite a few times when you wished you could just live the same moment over and over again on the repeat button but alas it isn’t possible just yet!

Well worry not for capturing a moment in this digitally advanced era has become as simple as the click of a button.

An authentic, handmade charcoal portrait painting can be your portal back in time where you can relive those great memories frame by frame and second by second.

It is certainly not advisable that one constantly lives in the past without any considerable thought to the present or the future but neither should one forget about the blessing he/she has received in the past.

One should constantly learn from the past and apply them to the present and the future.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift is the most apt way of putting it.

Painted portraits have always been a great way to light up any space be it your home or a corporate office.

A portrait painting has this unique artistic ability that never ceases to amaze and capture the eye balls of the people around it.

Get one for yourself and watch as it transforms any dull or mundane setting into a lively, classy one.

The stone once thrown, the words once said and the time once gone will never come back again so make the most of your life and don’t forget to create moments and experiences that you can later proudly share with your children and grandchildren.