8 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong Now

Hong Kong has gained a reputation in recent years as being one of Asia’s top shopping locations, this is absolutely true but there are so many more reasons why you need to be pointing your travel compass towards the Asian wonderland that is Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong and have visited on more than 6 occasions and I thought I would put together a quick list of reasons why you need to go, I could write this list forever but have managed to whittle it down to 8 of the most important.

Cultural Smorgasbord

The level of culture here is unprecedented and the influence which the varying cultures have had on the face of Hong Kong can be seen everywhere. Remnants of colonial British rule, influence of Chinese ownership and migrants from all over Asia have turned Hong Kong into a melting pot of cultures, languages and traditions.


It has this reputation for a reason, packed with markets, shopping malls, trendy boutiques and traditional Asian stores, there is nothing that you cannot find in Hong Kong.

Great for Families

Despite the impression that Hong Kong is just for businessmen who live life in the fast lane, Hong Kong is actually a great location for kids and families. With amusement parks like Disneyland, nature reserves, child-frenldy museums and adventures everywhere you look, kids will adore what Hong Kong has on offer.

Gateway to Asia

From Hong Kong you can pick up cheap and easy flights to everywhere in Asia, the airport is a gateway to Asia and the Pacific and it is one of the World’s busiest. Travel light and access your Cloud Windows Desktop and Cloud hosted SharePoint from any device.

Festivals and Carnivals

Because of the wide range of religions and culture that exist in Hong Kong, there is almost always a festival or carnival of some kind taking place. The Asians really know how to celebrate too and you can expect events that are filled with color, music and dance, and probably plenty of fireworks lighting up the night sky.

The Food

Generally considered the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong brings together a range of cuisine that has been influenced by every nation which has touched it. Here you can expect to find a wide range of Asian speciality and international cuisine, and plenty of options for vegans! Many of the World’s chefs will come to Hong Kong to learn their craft and you can enjoy some incredible food here.


Hong Kong really come stop life at nighttime and when the bright lights of the city are flashing it makes for a breathtaking skyline. This Asian region really knows how to party in style and there are lots of bars, clubs and casinos just waiting for you.

Perfect Infrastructure

In Hong Kong you will find it incredibly simple to get around, busses, trains, tuk-tuks and taxis are in constant supply, they run like clockwork and they aren’t too expensive. Such is the level of tourism that Hong Kong sees, there is something here for all kind of tourist and the range of accommodation and activities works with any kind of budget that you might be on.