7 Tips for Traveling the World as a Vegetarian

Traveling the World as a vegan or veggie frequently has its challenges but it has never been easier to do so than right now, you just need to be smart with your choices and your planning. Throughout the years I have learned many tips and tricks from my experiences to better prepare me for traveling with my food choices and I wanted to share some tips for all of the veggies out there who are worried about how they can avoid meat whilst on the road.

Many countries pretty much function solely on meat but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways and means to survive and thrive as a veggie. Here are my top tips to help you out.

Cooking Facilities

One of the keys to your salvation on the road will be having cooking facilities, from here you can create any number of dishes, basic or expert which you can enjoy when all of the restaurants are filled with dead animals. When you are looking for a hostel or private rental, try to find one which has somewhere where you can cook.

Prepare for the Flight

Somewhat criminally, most flight services do not cater for vegans or vegetarians or if they do, quite frankly the options are terrible. Don’t become the victim when flying and make sure that you pack up some snacks for your flight.


Being a vegan or vegetarian is not an ailment nor a condition which you should have to feel embarrassed about, it is a lifestyle choice and a very sensible one. With this in mind, when you are in a restaurant and there is nothing on the menu, just ask if they can prepare you something that is free from meat. You’ll be surprised at some of the beautiful dishes that a chef can rustle up when asked.

Download Apps

Apps like Happy Cow are perfect for traveling, it will find you awesome vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area and covers almost every country in the World. Cut out search time, download the app and go and enjoy your food.

Insure Yourself

Make some room in your bag for some bulky, savior items which can help to boost meals when you have to buy something basic. Things like chia seeds, hemp seeds and goji berries can add vital nutrients and flavor to your boring rice dish.

First Thing That You Do

When you arrive in a new destination you should make it your number one priority to find out where you can source your food. Usually you will be prepared for the first part of your trip so don’t wait until your food runs low before stocking up, remember, knowledge is power.

Graze, Graze, Graze

Whilst a big, hearty meal is best, don’t discount the benefits of grazing on snacks like cereal bars, nuts and fruit. These will keep you full up as the day goes on and it will also buy you some time before you find the next meal.