6 tips to create a Harry Potter party on a budget

There are some trends that never die – and Harry Potter seems to be one of them. Over more than two decades the series has grown and grown and unsurprisingly, this means that Harry Potter parties are more popular than ever before.

If your child is on the lookout for a party of this ilk, here are six ideas that you can tap into.

The movie marathon

Let’s start with the simplest solution of the lot. Once upon a time a movie marathon may have been a costly affair, but now with online streaming this isn’t necessarily the case.

The game is in the name here; it’s a marathon of Harry Potter movies. You might not have time for each and every one, but you can certainly get through a fair few and keep everyone happy.

…Or tap into video games

By the same stretch, the franchise has rolled out to video games as well. Again, there are no guarantees that you are going to complete each and every game, but for some kids this is the dream scenario.

A meal in the Great Hall

Sometimes, it’s not about the activities, but the food that’s being served. Fortunately, when it comes to Harry Potter, there are a wealth of recipes and Harry Potter candy to choose from.

If you can also decorate your home, or specifically your dining room, in the theme of the Great Hall, you’ll be onto a real winner.

Host a quidditch tournament

This next suggestion might sound ridiculous. After all, quidditch is a made-up game that involves flying, right?

Well, if you stick to the rules in the book, there’s little chance of you kicking off such a tournament. However, the interesting part comes through the fact that quidditch is now an internationally recognized sport. Sure, you don’t take to the air, but brooms are involved and the rules aren’t too dissimilar to what we remember from the book.

If you think you are able to teach kids the Muggle version of the game, this can be a great suggestion.

The classic costume party

We don’t need to say much else about this next point. After all, fancy dress has been doing the rounds for many a year. The big point here is that the theme is of course Harry Potter. From this point on, it’s completely up to you how you want to arrange it. Either let the kids arrive as their character of choice, or arrange for a giant dressing up box so outfits can be chopped and changed as the day progresses.

A sorting ceremony

The sorting ceremony is one of the most important early points in the books and there’s no reason why you can’t have your own. This time, you will need a bit of creativity, although there are all sorts of guides out there which can show you how to hold a “true” sorting ceremony.

Make sure you do at least some research beforehand; the last thing you want is to upset anyone by putting them in the wrong house!