5 Things Passengers Must Not Do, According to Pilots

Pilots are responsible for the safety of each and every passenger in their flight. And,  in that spirit, today, we’ve rounded up five things pilots wish their passengers don’t indulge in. So, let’s find out.

#1. Don’t Roam in the Cabin

If you are not heading to the lavatory, then always stay put in your seat, that’s what most pilots say. Every now and then, we come across stories where someone refuses to sit down despite the instruction causing discomfort to all the passengers. Such an episode happened recently on a British Airways flight.

If someone thinks he or she can open the cabin room’s door, then they are wrong. The aircraft doors are pressurized, cannot be opened physically, only the cabin crew can arm or disarm the door.

So, why the fuss, just sit down and relax, and enjoy your air trip.

#2. Never Mess With the Crew

People who have messed with the flight attendants and other members of the crew have always regretted it later. One such embarrassing incident happened in an Alaskan Airlines, where the flight attendant had to face lewd comments. The passenger was kicked out of the plane.

Another incident was in the Hawaiian Airlines flight when the passenger landed in jail for biting the flight attendant.

All the pilots make a humble request to their passengers to behave appropriately with the flight attendants and other crew members. Always be patient, if something is not right, let the flight attendant know, they’re trained to take care of the passengers.

#3. No Alcohol

Whether you have a fear of flying or anxious before a big business trip, alcohol is never the answer. No matter how little you drink, you’ll definitely end up doing something regrettable. So, say a big no to alcohol, hours before boarding the plane, and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature from up above in the sky.

If you have a phobia of flying before your first air trip, then it is best to speak with someone who is a frequent air traveller, their advice can prove to be handy. In case, if you have a couple of days for your flight, then enrol for an online flight course to overcome your flying anxiety.

#4. Never Make The Pilot Leave the Cockpit!

Yes, you heard it right, never do anything that may force the pilot to leave the cockpit. Not too long, ago, in an American Airlines flight, a passenger was mishandling the crew, and the pilot himself had to come out of the cockpit to take down the passenger.

The episode became a trending video on Youtube, and later the passenger had to face legal proceedings. So, we request every individual taking the flight not to do something that makes the pilot so angry that he or she may have to leave the cockpit.

#5. Not Buckled Up

Even if the seatbelt sign is not on, it is advisable to stay buckled up. Turbulence may happen anytime, even if things seem calmer, and if your seat belt is not fastened, you may end up hurting yourself.

In the end, flying is a privilege, not your birthright, so don’t do anything that you may have to regret later.  Listen to what pilots say and make the best of your time on the flight.