5 Romantic Getaways in Europe to take your lover

Europe offers couples some of the finest places to get away from the World for a while and spend days with the person that you love in seclusion, tranquility and exciting cities. Grabbing a weekend away as a couple is one of the best ways to affirm your love for one another and explore new places and enjoy new experiences together which will help to build your story. Let’s take a look at some of Europe’s best offerings for those who are in love and looking for romance.


Sleepy cottages, quiet fishing towns, miles and miles of walking trails and some of the finest seafood in the World. All of this is waiting for you in Cornwall in the far south of England. If Cornwall was a few grades hotter then it would surely be one of the World’s most sought after holiday destinations, despite the lack of heat however, you and your partner can still have a fantastic time staring out to sea as you whisper sweet nothings in one another’s ears.

Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is one of the most beautiful locations in Italy, rolling hills with miles of untouched and tranquil fields and vineyards growing throughout the region. Set in between the hills are small towns and villages that offer couples the perfect place to get away from it all for a little while. Enjoy some rustic Italian cooking and of course, some of the nation’s finest wines as you getaway from the stresses of daily life with each other.


Essentially the home of love itself, Paris, whilst cliche, is still on of the best places for you to take your loved one for a romantic getaway. You can spend your days wandering through the cracks and crevices of the city’s mazy streets, relax with a coffee and a cake in one of the many stylish boulangeries and watch over the World from the peak of the iconic Eiffel Tower. By night you can take in a candlelit meal with a glass of wine as you float down the river Seine before returning to one of the stunning boutique hotels that are designed with love in mind.


Rome is a perfect place for couples to spend a weekend, the food, the wine, the sights and the people are all geared up for you to have a great time with your partner. Check out landmarks like the Colesseum, visit the Vatican and enjoy some of the finest vegan pasta and pizza in the World. Despite Rome being such a busy city, you never really get the feeling that it is hectic and this slow pace of life suits couples perfectly.


A classically beautiful European city, Budapest sits on the banks of the sprawling River Danube and offers couples a place where they can enjoy the company of one an another in a quiet and laid back city. You and your partner can get dressed up and head to the opera, enjoy mornings at the thermal springs in the center of the city or take a small trip out along the Danube as the sun sets and the stars come out.