5 Reasons to Spend a Weekend in Costa Rica

When it comes to getting away for the weekend most people love nothing more than visiting a cool city to spend their days eating, drinking, shopping and sightseeing. This is all well and good but on a personal not I love nothing more than really maximizing my weekend travel and packing in as much as I can. There are some spots around the World which are considered vacation places i.e. you would need to spend a week or two there to enjoy it best. This may be true to a point but why not try and spend a weekend there first and pack in some adventure, if you like it then you can always head back for a longer duration.

My last weekend travel like this was Costa Rica, a place where many will spend weeks at a time exploring but a place where I thoroughly enjoyed passing my weekend. I implore you to spend a weekend in Costa Rica and here are my top 5 reasons why.


Zip-lining, tours, kayaking through the rainforest, scuba diving and whitewater rafting are the order of the day throughout many of Costa Rica’s vast national parks and if you like to sprinkle a little bit of adventure on your vacations then Cost Rica is definitely the place for you.


Costa Rica has no less than 5 active volcanoes which you can visit and enjoy, some of the volcanoes you can even climb and take in the phenomenal views from their peaks. If you want to add something a little different to your vacation then why not visit a Costa Rican volcano.


Costa Rica is a surfers paradise and many die-hard surfers will actually tour around the country taking in the very best surf that it has to offer. There are a wide range of difficulties from place to place and lots of surf schools that have been set up to help out the beginners. Make sure you speak with the locals before heading out on the waves as the sea can sometimes appear tranquil and then turn on you in a moments notice.


Because Costa Rica has such rich bio-diversity, there is a huge population of wildlife living in the country. Here you can see sloths, lizards, geckos, iguanas, raccoons and some of the cheekiest monkeys that you have ever laid eyes on. You don’t have to go too far into nature before you are greeted by the wide array of wildlife that exists here and for animal lovers, Costa Rica is a dream destination.


Costa Rica has a large amount of award-winning beaches that are well maintained and look beautiful. The beaches vary from place to place as well and you will find all types of colored sands from white to black. The beaches around Costa Rica aren’t all tourist hotspots and it is very likely that you could find yourself an isolated, virgin beach where you can lie back on a Sunday afternoon and refresh yourself before coming back home.